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The benefits of an online yoga class

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Last year's pandemic has introduced a new normal into our lives. From one moment to the next, we could no longer go out, join our local sport clubs or visit ourlocal theatre. However, as we usually do, we made the best out of it and searched for new forms of hanging out, excercising, learning etc. Going #online was one of those ways.

The data

In the first weeks of the lockdown, the interest in online yoga classes skyrocketed. The popularity of the search term "online yoga class" on #Google increased by a factor ten almost immediately after the first lockdowns. Although the effect decreased rapidly, it can still be seen that the intrest for online yoga classes remains at a higher level than before the pandemic. So, online yoga classes must have some benefits over the traditional yoga classes, right?

The comforts

An online yoga class saves you! It saves you time, it saves you energy and it saves you worries.

Joining an online class means you can join the class from the comfort of your own home. No need to hop into your car, onto your bicycle or walk outside in those cold and dark evenings, unless you live in a tropical paradise of course. And if u would be on a holiday to atropical paradise, u can still join your regular yoga class as long as you have a smartphone and a #Zoom account.

In case you are running late for class for whatever reason, there's no problem. When joining an online class later than everyone else, you don't disturb anyone. This works both ways of course, if someone else joins the class late, your focus will not be disturbed as everyone is auto-muted when entering a class.

U are feeling a bit under the weather, but would like to join a class anyway? No problem, u can join the class and follow the yoga flow as best as you can. Best off all, u don't have to worry about making other people sick.

A regular online yoga class takes one hour, even if that's all the time you have in the evening, u can still join a yoga class. In person classes easily take two hours of your time, while the actual time u spend doing yoga is only one hour. In case you have a busy schedule, this is a major benefit.

Just like myself, lot of my students are parents of young kids. My online yoga classes offer them the opportunity to relax their body and mind after putting their young ones to bed. When doing yoga from your home, they can practise yoga more regularly as they don't have to worry about finding a babysitter, staying with the kids if they are a bit sick, etc. On occassions, I see the kids joining their mum's (or dad's) yoga session which is great to see! And having the kids around you will not disturb other participants either!

Online does not equal Virtual

Online yoga classes can in no way be compared with virtual yoga classes. Virtual yoga classes are demonstrations by a yogi where everyone can follow the flow. The number of participants is usually not limited and there is no interaction between the instructor and the participants.

In my online yoga classes, the number of participants is limited to 10 persons which means I still have an overview of every persons in my class. I can correct your poses should this be required or give you pointers when you have difficulties getting into a certain pose.

How about improving myself

I hear you thinking "I prefer the physical interaction with my instructor for me to improve my poses or to do them correctly".

Well, because I am limiting my classes to 10 participants I am still able to interact wich each and every one of you. If your poses is incorrect, or you sag off, I will notice it. By regularly joining an online yoga class (which remember, is very easy from the comfort of your home) u will build up your strenght and flexibility by yourself which is more beneficial than having a teacher putting you in a pose that you are not yet ready for, either phyiscally or mentally.

Once your body and mind are ready you will get in the asana by yourself without needing an instructor next to you. Remember, the instructor is only a guide towards the asana, you are the one who needs to earn it by yourself.

Online Yoga class might be not for everyone, but there are a lot of benefits to an online yoga class and it is worthy a try . U can always have a trial for Online Yoga class with me for free and see if it is suitable for you. I am looking forward to having you in my class.



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