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Going Wireless! My audio setup

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

A proper #microphone when teaching an #online yoga class is a must. As a yoga instructor you need to ensure your audio quality is on point. Because of that I went #wireless!

For my first online yoga classes, I was still uncertain about my setup. I simply used the built-in microphone of my laptop and although the audio quality was okay for everyone, my continuous movements during the class meant that the volume level for everyone on the other side of my screen was always changing. To make sure I was being heard, while I was demonstrating a king pigeon pose, I ended up raising my voice throughout the class which diverted my focus and energy from the actual yoga! This definitely needed to change ASAP!

After some research online, checking other yoga channels, blogs, etc. a wireless microphone seemed to be the best way forward. As a yoga instructor u are laying down on the mat for one pose or you are in a side-plank just a moment later. Having a microphone following me around means that I can focus on my poses and my teaching withouth having to strain my voice.

Which microphone I chose, u ask? Well, I got myself a #Rode Wireless Go camera micophone. It offers great quality at a minimal size and weight which is just how I like it. The microphone consists of a transmitter and a receiver which is connected to your device (laptop, phone, camera,...).

The microphone transmitter (coming in at a mealsy 31 grammes) has a clip-on system to connect it to your shirt. Two microphone wind screens for outside use, are also included but I haven't had the chance to use them yet.

Although the Rode Wireless Go microphone is designed for camera's, it can also be used with laptops and phones as long as u have the correct audio cable to connect the receiver to the audio input on your device. The microphone is delivered with a SC2 audio cable which is unsuitable for most modern laptops. To connect the receiver to my laptop, an additional Rode SC7 audio cable together with an audio jack to USB adaptor worked wonders for me.

What did it cost me? Around 189 EUR including the additional audio to USB adapter and audio cable. This is a relatively high price compared to other microphones in the market, however, the superior quality and small size were very important factors in my decision to use this microphone for my online classes!

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