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A Four week challenge for mind and body

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Last month I decided to add an additional challenge to my in-person group classes to motivate my most dedicated students even more by adding a pinch of #Ashtanga yoga into the mix (if you are interested to join my in-person group class, book your spot here).

Usually during my in-person classes we practise #Vinyasa yoga where we are connecting poses in one continuous flow. Each flow is different and full of creativity. #Ashtanga yoga is all about discipline and mastering every pose by practising the same series of poses every time.

By focussing on specific poses, everyone in the group as well as myself could truly see the impact that yoga has on your mind and body. One of the poses I introduced in the first class was the #StagLocustPose (Salabhasana Variation B). When executing the pose for the first time in front of everyone, all I saw was doubt with everyone looking at each other, thinking this was the pose too far.

In the next three classes, a different variation of the pose was introduced starting from the oringal pose. By slightly changing your posture, position of your legs or hands a completely new part of your muscles and body gets unblocked. By experiencing these new feelings, you will feel a real connection with your body and can start to understand what your body is capable of and how easy it is to overcome new challenges with your mind.

Here's some of the nice words I got from one of my #Yogi's after the last class in the series:

Every single class feels like a first time…pushing yourself a little further. Since it focuses on creating space in the mind and body, I walk away feeling less tension in my muscles but also less stressed and more relaxed. The challenge was super hard both physically and mentally but I am happy that I made it. And I now believe that I need to listen to my body more because it is way better than I thought.

These words couldn't fill me with more joy as it's exactly my goal to awaken your mind and body by practising yoga. That is why my classes are always a new journey, even though you could walk the same route like the last 4 weeks, I am always there to show you new things, help you to learn more about your body, and build your wisdom.


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