I am Emmy, born in Vietnam and in love with yoga since 2013 when I joined my first class in a local studio in my hometown Da Nang.

The road to becoming a yoga instructor has had it's fair bit of obstacles but all along the way, yoga has always provided me with a safe place where I can truely reflect on myself, work on my weaknesses as well as learn to accept myself.

Please let me join you and become a part of your yoga journey.


The first steps

My first yoga steps were taken in Vietnam in 2013 where I joined yoga classes in groups of over 20 people. The intensity and variety that the instructor were able to engrain in their classes completely blew me away and this meant I kept returning every day


In 2016 I moved from Vietnam to Belgium to follow the love of my life. Despite joining multiple yoga classes, the yoga experience never came close to what I had grew accustomed to back home. 

A beatiful baby boy then joined our family in 2018 and moved yoga to the back of my mind for several years.

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A new beginning

In 2019, during a family visit back in Vietnam, I came into contact with aerial yoga. Curiously, I joined a local class and the teachers Avi and Mi An, helped me in strengthening my mind and body, and fire up my lost passion for yoga after two years dedicating my life to my family.


The global pandemic provided the perfect opportunity to truely focus on yoga and reinforce my passion for it. In May 2020, my family and me moved to the beatuiful island of Crete, Greece . There I met Sofia, a very experienced teacher with a very open mind

She's the reason why I'm here now, willing to share my expericence with all of you. She gave me the desire to step outside of my daily comfort and encouraged me to follow a yoga training course to become a qualified yoga instructor. I am now certified with a 200H RYT ( Yoga Alliance) and a yoga instructor diploma as per EU standard. 


The step to teaching

In 2021, I made the step to become a yoga instructor with the hope and dreams to let others discover the beauty of vinyasa yoga.


For the name of my yoga studio I chose to return to my roots in Da Nang (Vietnam), which was originally called Tourane.

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